Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blogtoberfest 2008

I'm not sure if it' s too early for this, my calender says it's not even summer yet and the heat hasn't baked my lawn to a crisp yellow yet, killing all but the hardiest in the Georgia Heat, but the date has already been set for the Southeastern Writer's Conference. Once again we band of Merry Men (and Women) will join together on the banks of the Chattahoochee River in Helen, Georgia at the Chalet Kristy. I liked how we grilled and cooked together, since there seem to be so many of us lately. I recommend Richard and Dash as Grill Masters. Richard, not just because he's my husband, but because he makes the best steaks around! And Dash because of the recipes I've seen from his blog. I'm sure there will be other more literary types who will spin their wordy webs about why you should indeed come, but let me say a good time will be had by all- and this time, I'll try to remember the rules to half-rubber and not try to run the bases like a total idiot. I've asked that the Maker of Da Chedda Ale Soup come back too- with soup.

Mark, Proprietor Extraordinaire, has agreed to let us come back. He has put aside 3 cabins and 5 rooms. He, being the sweet man that he is, is giving us some pretty good deals- the cabins are $159 a night and the rooms are $129 a night. He said when you book the room to say that only two people will be in a room/cabin so he doesn't have to charge us extra.

The details:
Blogtober 9th (10th) through the 12th
Helen, Georgia
Chalet Kristy
phone number is (706) 878-2268.
rooms- $129 a night
cabins - $159 a night- with a hot tub!!!


Dash said...

Sounds like lots of fun and I'd be happy to cook or bartend or whatever for y'all. But, that weekend happens to be the same weekend as my 30th HS reunion in Houston, so I'll have to miss the Helen trip again this year. 30 years? Damn, I'm gettin' old.

Anonymous said...

... sounds good to me..... I'll check the dates and make sure... I'll definitely make Saturday if not Saturday AND Sunday....


That 1 Guy said...

Damnit. I've already made plans to hit Fleet Week with a couple of bloggers. That weekend, of course.

If I haven't already said it, it was great to meet ya. Hope to catch both of you soon...

Anonymous said...

Cabin booked. Might want to put up a reminder as it sounded like some big event was taking place that same weekend in Helen. Also, the number you posted just rang & rang. I used the number I had from last year (706-878-2155) and got through right away.

See you later this week,
- zonker

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I have to report back for active duty that weekend. I might get a few hours again.

Anonymous said...

Dang it, I have to report back for active duty that weekend. I might get a few hours again.