Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not What I Thought I'd hear

So there is a lady I work with...I think(thought) a lot of her. She always had a big smile, always upbeat and positive. She seemed like a good mother. She had a special needs son whom she worshipped, and a little girl who was just too cute for words. The students flocked to her for advice and friendship.

I work with teenagers. Some would say that 17 year olds are adults. Some may be, but most only think they are. Regardless, it is a crime to take advantage of them.

It turns out that this lady was (allegedly) have an affair with several of the students at my school. She's my age, which means she is old enough to be the parent of our oldest kids. Blech, blech, double blech.
She should be ashamed of herself!

And to think I used to be jealous of her.

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