Monday, May 30, 2011


This Memorial Day, I would like to take a minute to recognize a few folks:
My husband's grandfather: he served during WWII and was in a Japanese POW camp.

My husband's father: a Marine in Viet Nam. He was the youngest Marine to ever make Sergeant (at the time, at least). He was one of those guys you see on war movies that hung out of the helicopters manning machine guns. This July we will mark the one year anniversary of his passing. Hard days ahead, folks.

My father: He served in the Air Force during Viet Nam, working as a mechanic. That man could fix ANYTHING!

My Brother in Law: Served during the Gulf War. Two medals for bravery. He jumped out of his tank to another burning tank to save a fellow soldier. He started the first Gulf War Veterans group here in Georgia, went on to the national level. He is still fighting for what he believes in.

My son: serving as a Marine in California with the Amphibious Assault Vehicle Unit (I might not have said that correctly). He begins a new journey this fall in  college, bringing all that experience with him.

My friend's son Mike H.: A Ranger who served in Iraq. He was killed when his vehicle ran over an IED. His mother's stories of her son inspired my son to join the Military.

My nephews: Randy and Mike. Randy served as a Marine in Iraq, he served as protection to the people who met with the Iraqis to plan for rebuilding. He tells me there were several times they had to fight their way home. He is married now, waiting for the arrival of his first child any day now. Mike  has served in the Air Force for 13 years so far. Still going strong. He is stateside right now, but has spent many years in other countries

 The world will always need warriors. I am proud to know these.

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