Monday, September 25, 2006

A memory captured by Polaroid

Ahhhh.. Look at those cute little girls. I was 10, my sister was 12. This is one of the very few surviving photos of me as a kid, I think. If I remember right, it was taken the day we went to Astroworld in Houston, Texas. Summer of 1977. The picture was taken at a booth there. We took two cars. Everyone was drinking. The oldest person was in the early 20's and there was one girl, Kimmy, younger than me. We were passing beers between the cars on the freeway during the trip there. Got high for the very 1st time there. We were riding The Needle- we were the last people riding that night. Riding up into the sky, smoking.
Later that night we ended up at someone's apartment and I'm blowing smoke into an empty Coke bottle, a glass one. Trying to fill it up and then pour it out, made a mess of my white shirt. At one point I looked around, saw a bunch of high people, beer cans, other tools of the trade, and said, "what do we do if the cops come in?" The reply was- "Close your eyes and hope no one sees you." It's still funny. Man, my parents were furious when we finally got home at dawn. But that, folks, was just the beginning....

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