Monday, October 16, 2006

I feel lazy

I was lamenting the fact that I just don't seem to be getting as much done lately to a very good friend of mine. She reminded me that I'm not- I'm only teaching, raising three children, keeping up with a house, and trying to have time for my self. I'm not going to school anymore, and no one is playing a sport right now. Huh, I really am living a life of decadence right now.
I did, however, tell my principal that I would like to teach a calculus based physics class if the chance ever arose... man, that would be awesome... the calculus teahcer and I could co-teach it, have our classes back to back. Way cool.


shoe said...

brainy women are such a freaking turn on. i don't know how your husband stands for you to be talking this smut on the intranet, but i think it's cool that he lets you be free to be you.

Lisa W. said...

Hey wanna tutor me in winter session? I have my first Univ. math class and I'm DREADING it.

Holder said...

I'll be happy to- seriously. I've helped several of my friends "long distance" in their math classes.