Friday, October 13, 2006

Reckless Abandon Feels Good

I've said it before- I love my Ipod. I would get an implant in my head for music if I could. Dial up what I wanted and rock on. We just got The Fray's new (only?) album and I downloaded to my little toon box (thanks for the term, Ellison). So, I'm jamming today. Now, alot of it sounds the same, but "Over My Head" is pretty cool. I 'm in my back/store/torture room connected to my classroom getting ready for the day and "Over My Head" starts playing and I'm singing along and start dancing with reckless abandon- hips going here, arms going there, dancing around the room. Now, you know what happens when you're dancing with reckless abandon, don't you? Yes, Someone Important walks in. Sure enough, the principal on my hall walks in on me. And laughs, says he's got the video now and he's gonna show it at the Christmas party. I might have to show up for this year. Well, I've gotten a good laugh out if it all day.

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