Sunday, October 15, 2006

The weekend

The Boy took his SAT yesterday. This makes 3 times. He took the PSAT twice. It took 5 hours to take the test! Damn, my head would have imploded. The new version of the SAT has a writing component, which accounts for the increased time. He was a little quiet after that. Said he thought he did better on his math portion. Said he had a problem like this: (can't remember exactly what it was, and he is still asleep)
x= wyz
w= y-5
z= y+1

I said, cool, you substitute and solve. He then proceeded to tell me how he figured out using logic. He has surpassed me in math. That's my boy!

I don't remember my SAT taking that long. Hell, the GRE didn't take that long. Well, maybe it did. I took the computer version. The computer decided your level of difficulty and then stayed there. I had never been so ready to pick up a monitor and through it through a glass wall in my life! All those math problems with 6 different people with 6 different shirts boinking 6 different animals in six different countries and you had to figure it all out. Then, I found out that it was the other two parts of the test that colleges look at. I did well enough to be accepted, so all's well.

Pete is doing much better. She still coughs a little, but the nebulizer is doing the trick. Re-Pete is coughing this morning, but it's a booger cough, not a dry cough, so I can handle that.

We're having an island party for Pete next week- she's turning 9. We're making lei's (sp?), life saver anklets, water bracelets, spouting off her volcano, surfing, hula hooping, giving ourselves Hawaiian names, but she says she doesn't want to limbo. Hmm. We'll work on that.

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