Saturday, October 21, 2006

Whirlwind of a day

Today is Pete's party.

  1. get presents
  2. get cake
  3. get printer cartridge
  4. get supplies
  5. visit with R.'s family showing up early
  6. set up supplies
  7. make sure all of house is clean

At the party:

  1. name tags mystery- kids get their new hawaiin name, with the meaning on their backs. They have to ask questions to figure out the meaning.
  2. Get their picture made "surfing"
  3. Make lifesaver bracelets
  4. make friendships anklets
  5. make paper leis.
  6. make water bracelets
  7. eat dogs and burgers
  8. cake and presents
  9. pinanta and candy as their parting gifts
  10. Whew!

Think 3 hours is enough?

Damn, where's the alcohol? Midol? Geritol?

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Anonymous said...

... happy birthday, Pete!...