Wednesday, November 22, 2006

favorite holiday things

We moved a lot growing up, seems like we we always packing or unpacking. I remember about the time I was ten realizing that it did me no good to make "real" friends, or get too close to others, because we would leave soon. I had figured out that investing myself in others was a waste, not to mention painful, as little as I got out of the friendship. Some times we had a little time to pack, others would be the midnight move. Got a evicted a few times. There are probably 3 pictures of me growing up that my aunts have. One thing I guess I really miss was my mother's big wooden bowl. Usually it held apples, but at Thanksgiving? Oranges! Almonds! Pecans! Walnuts (yuck) and Brazil nuts (my fav) Even after I was married, with a kid of my own, my parents had oranges and nuts on the kitchen table. My mom must have had a secret supplier of wooden bowls- big, clunky things.

My earliest Christmas memory- musta been 3 or 4. We still lived in Massachussetts. I got an iron and ironing board, and a table for me in the kitchen. I would "cook" with my mother. As we got older, my Dad would play penny poker with us. He'd pull out his change jar and divvy up the money, we'd play a while, no one ever ran out of money. Then the money would go back in the jar.

One year my Dad got our oldest, who was 4 at the time, a tricycle. We have pictures of adults riding that thing around. One of the aunts sketched me and the hubs. That year C. got into the aunt's tupperware cabinet and built a city around himself. I can see it like it's last week.

Favorite Christmas memory- The time Re-Pete got into the syrup. It was all over her- hair, clothes, stinky diaper- that was a nasty thing to wake up to.


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