Thursday, December 28, 2006

just checking in....

I'm at the beach! I'm at the beach! Mostly pal-ling around with my crazy friend and 4 of her 6 children, along with my 2. Re-Pete has had a bit of a shock- the people here don't jump up to do what she wants. Pete is having a blast! 4 boys to run around with, if one gets boring, she has 3 others to choose from- she's been reading Harry Potter, playing foos-ball, hide and seek, watched 2 0r 3 movies, played video games, painted, had her picture made several times, played about 15 board games. She told me today her head hurt. Can you blame the poor girl?
I took them to the ocean at dusk today, I got several Most Beautiful Photographs of my girls with their hair full of breeze and the horizon and their backdrop. Can't get them to you right now, but soon, my pretties, soon.
It's always very nice to see my friend, although I wish there was more I could do for her. Her bastard of a husband walked out/ got kicked out a year ago. The best thing he could do is die so the kids could get the life insurance. He's not even worth the powder to blow him to Hell.
It's her birthday tomorrow, I got her a cool power tool, as you do for your friends that rock!

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