Saturday, December 23, 2006

My basement

I have this recurring dream. I'm living in a house that I love, but I don't like the basement. There's usually a similar theme in all of them- I'm looking for something down there. Sometimes my basement is white and airy and feels really clean and peaceful. Sometimes it's mysterious, even holy, but not particularly scary. Last night I crossed the threshold into scary. As soon as I descended the steps I see a decapitated cat being munched on by another feral cat living there. Spook city! The basement is hu-uge! 10, 000 square feet, easy. The outside walls are usually cement, but the inner walls were simply studded partitions, there were pipes as if some plumbers were working, but no electrical wires that I could see. There must have been 20 doors- roll up doors, wide swinging doors big enough to put a semi through, smallish doors to crawl through, wooden brown doors. And boxes, wooden crates, chiffarobes, you name it, even bags (baggage?) I was searching for something, didn't really know what, but thought I might recognize it when I see it.

I have had this dream at least 5 times in the last year or so. Last night was the first night it was scary. Wish I'd hurry up and find my lost whateveritis.

Hmmm, now where is that book on dream interpretations?

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