Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Food, again

These hardy folks have been talking comfort food lately, and I thought I might weigh in. Whenever one of us kids did a really great job on something my mother would make us our favorite dinner. Mine was spaghetti and white clam sauce. She made the sauce from scratch. I continue the tradition with the following:

2-3 cans clams, with juice
1 bottle clam juice
garlic to taste
oregano, basil, parsley, salt, pepper
olive iol

mix together and simmer for 30 minutes and Wham! Good Eats!

We also used to have stuffed grape leaves. My sister and I would spend lots of time rolling those delicious treats. It was well worth it, I tell you.

Anyone ever had tripe? We would cut the tripe frozen, with numb fingers by the end of it. Then mix in onions and tomatoes and stew for a while. Mmm-mm.

My gross out food? Not sure. My mom would take hamburger meat, canned tomatoes, and pasta and make a gelatinous mass of it. I loved the stuff! Salt and pepper the hell out it and Damn! Good eats. My family now won't touch the stuff with a 12 and a half foot pole.


Lisa W. said...

The clam sauce would be in my gross out category (no offense - it's shellfish I can't DO IT!)

Yabu said...

I gotta tell Woman can make some white clam sauce that will bring you to your knees...I love it...It is a staple for us.