Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Life's Too short...

for crappy music. In the 80's we had LoverBoy and softcell, Rick springfield and Men at Work, Dire straits, and Asia, for Crissakes! Talk about terrible. Made me switch back to country for awhile.
At least Rush had a point and AC/DC kicked ass.
I feel so sorry for kids today. Think about the shit they have to choose from- My Chemical Romance? system of a down? Korn? all that rap shit? They're gonna have to get it together, folks, or I'm turning Country again. That Brad Paisley sounds good, Kenny Chesney, too. sugarland's alright.

At least we still have RHCP.


Lisa W. said...

Fight the country! Don't do it! You are too intelligent for country - don't DO IT!

simple man said...

I hear ya, I went back and forth between rock to country to rock to country until I hit on bluegrass. I love guitar playin, and there are some great players in bgrass. Check out hayseed dixie on youtube. They are a bluegrass band that does rock songs. I got their AC/DC cd. Its great. Also, Sam Bush, Funk 49 on youtube. May not be 49 but something like that. Tears a mandolin up. World class.

Richard said...

Hey now, Loverboy wasn't all that bad, and I like Dire Straits and Asia (at least the first album). Carl Palmer was the drummer on their first album, as well as some other kick ass dudes.