Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things I miss about Texas

1. Dancing- We used to go dancing quite a lot on Friday and Saturday nights. Matter of fact, my sister and I would clear the floor and people would watch us. I miss that. Just something about slow dancing to live music that calls to me. I was pretty good at the two-step, if I remember right. We would go to trail rides sometimes. Usually some place in the woods, live band, vodka and OJ, live music, big fans in the summer blowing on us. Campfires at night. Place called Magnolia Gardens, think I've posted on it before. Big place on Lake Houston. We would swim during the day, then dance the night away. It was something to see a couple hundred couples dancing together. Kat Balou's was another place. Had many a good night there.
2. Lone Star Beer. Cheap, I know, but drinking it made you a Texan.
3. BBQ- real BBQ, brisket that's been slow cooking all day. Damn, summer time, there was always someone having a party- beans, deviled eggs, salad.
4. Fishing with my dad. I don't remember catching many fish, but that time with him, do I ever miss that.
5. Crabbing at Kema Bay. Friends of ours had a place right on the Bay, we would step out the back door and be on the beach. There was a spit there, one side was warm, shallow and sandy. The other side was cold, deep, and rocky. I could clean a crab lickety split.
6. Astroworld. I heard they tore it down. Damn shame.
7. The beach. Galveston was so close! We usually stayed around the lake, but every now and again we'd go there and play in the waves. Got stung by a jelly fish, ouch!


chou said...

still drink lone star on the river. have to.

Lisa W. said...

I spent a day in Kemah when I was in Houston for a conference in 1999, walking all around the boardwalk, watching the kids play in those sprinklers that shoot up out of the ground, and eating at the big Aquarium restaurants. It was the most memorable part of the trip!

Lisa W. said...

Should be restaurant, not with an "s"...we only ate at one! :) It was really nice though!

Chickie said...

BBQ, real BBQ. I miss that about Texas too. I've found ONE place in Florida where the BBQ doesn't make me want to gag.

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Oh yeah, I get Lone Star Beer every time I go. I use the Shiner Bock in my chili! I do have a token Lone Star on display...LOL!!! Got to. Good beer.