Tuesday, March 27, 2007

3 days 3 days

3 days till break- it's bound to be crazy. We have tests, labs, and an 2 hour talent show the last two hours of Friday. There will be no students in my class room, I'll be alone.... uhm, anyway.

Had a schizophrenic mother trying to take her kids out of school this week, then busted 4 kids for trying to skip class. Two girls told me I should "mind my own damn business", one told me he was going to class (I checked a few minutes later: he just got out of juvie and shouldn't even be in school) and the last I followed until he went in a classroom, then got a principal to get his sorry ass. Kid thought he could refuse to stop and talk to me, refuse to tell me his name, and refuse to tell me where he was supposed to be.
Now I ask you, if your parents found out you did that, or one of your kids tried that, what would you have done?
I'm a professional, I wouldn't chase after the kid, nor would I put my hands on them.They try to run away, all they are doing is digging their hole a little deeper, we'll find out who he/she is. Willfull disobedience. That carries a hefty price if you do it enough.

Went looking for another teacher today, some kids and a colleague let me know that he had morning duty, so he went for breakfast once school started. If I tried to leave campus every day, I'd never get a damn thing done, and I'd lose my effing job!

Rant over, enjoy your Tuesday, hope to see ya'll this weekend!
Don't forget your waterguns!


Assrot said...

Hmmm... No prayer. No pledge. No spankings. And we wonder why the kids nowadays are worthless pieces of shit by the time they are 8 years old.

Anonymous said...

We say the Pledge everyday and Georgia still has corporal punishment (just not the balls to use it) but you're right about the piece of shit part.