Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Did you know that if we were to take all the DNA in one cell of your body, uncoil it from the histones, then uncoil it again from it's super tight double helical shape it would be about 5 feet high?

And you have about a trillion cells (not counting eggs, or sperm, or if you're pregnant). That means you have about

hmm, let me count

{taking off my shoes}


5 trillion feet of DNA,

that's , ummm,

{taking off my children's shoes}


that's roughly a million miles of DNA in your body!


  • if we removed the DNA of all the organisms that have lived on our planet it would just barely fill an empty 2 liter bottle.

  • The average distance to the moon is about 238, 000 miles

  • your DNA could stretch to the moon and back twice

  • All living things have genetic information. They are made of a sugar, an acid and 4 different bases. There is not a single living thing with less than or more than those ingredients. Sure, the sugar changes in a few of them, but the bases, the key to traits, stays the same.

It boggles the mind

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shoe said...

she blinded me with science...boo boo boooooop

really, i don't know what the hell you're saying but it sure does sound good. you make a hetero wanna go lesbo, ya know?