Saturday, March 10, 2007

rattlesnake venom primer

Since this weekend proves to be interesting, thought I might provide you with this-

There are 3 types of rattlesnakes in Georgia-
The Pygmy, the eastern diamondback,and the timber.

Usually, the venom is either a neurotoxin or a hemotoxin.
Venom is modified saliva.
A neurotoxin causes weakness and paralysis,
A hemotoxin destroys tissue and blood cells.
Both can digest tissue.
7 out of 15 rattlesnake bite victims die from the invenomation.
There is almost always scarring
Since the habitats of these snakes overlap, there are reports of hybrids between 2 different species.
If a neurotoxic snake and a hemotoxic snake mate and produce offspring, the snakes could be capable of producing both toxins at the same time in different quantities.
If you're bitten by a snake, your doctor better know that.
Hemotoxins are not especially painful, but are the more deadly of the two, since your organs can be liquefied.

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Anonymous said...

... I didnt get bitten, but I did end up paralyzed & weak most of the weekend.... could have been the Scotch though, I'm not totally sure...