Monday, April 23, 2007

beans, beans

When Pete was born, she had to have some surgery to correct a birth defect, a Ladd procedure to be precise. Her intestines are somewhat narrower as a result of the defect, which can cause pain.

We found out the hard way this weekend, that Pete should not, under any circumstances, eat a large helping of beans at lunch to be followed by cantaloupe for dessert. Oh, and she cannot take simithecone for gas either.

Her farts this weekend have been excruciating- both for her and us. I may have to repaint the walls.

The worst part has been her reaction to the meds- violent emesis. yep- yarking.
Have I told you I don't do yarking?

Update 4/26
Pete is doing much better, several BM's later. She back to her spritely self.


Omnibus Driver said...

If she can't take simethecone, can she take activated charcoal capsules? They really do work!

Chickie Carmarthen said...

Poor Pete - and poor you! Is she feeling better now?