Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Icky Moment

Caution- male nudity ahead- approach at your own risk.

It's funny the stuff you remember growing up.

I lived off Old Humble Road in Houston, there was a TXI over there, sold concrete. During the summer I was 10 we would pick berries in the woods near our house- it was a good alternative to playing in traffic, I suppose. Or sitting under the railroad trestle.
My sister and I were friends with two kids, brother and sister they were.
Now my sister was always the drop dead gorgeous one. She and I were close. I lamented the fact that I would never be a beautiful as she, but I don't believe I held it against her.
So back to berry picking.
Henry and his sister had a little stand of trees to the side of their property, a good locale for berries.
Once, we went a'picking. Henry was sorta deep in the woods, picking his berries and whatnot, when he calls out to me-
"Come in here"
Well, he gave me the willies, so to speak, so I was reluctant to give him what he wanted and waited roadside.
Again, he called.
Again, I waited.

He came walking out of the darkness of the trees. Something was wrong with him. He was sweaty, and something was on the front of his britches.


He had his penis out.... and it was all swollen!
Even worse, it was all purpley- like he'd smooshed it with berries.


I threw my bowl at him and ran off.

Sad thing of it is, my sister dated him later the next year.

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Chickie Carmarthen said...

Ewwww...I hope Porkchop doesn't do that when he's at work...mwahahahaah!!!!!!!