Friday, April 20, 2007

When reasonable people turn into crazy batheads

A kid tells another at another high school in my county that they heard that another kid had threatened to bring a gun to school. Then, one of them gets on My Space (ugh!) and threatens violence worse than anyone had seen.
This was last night.
Today, it's all over the county- parents, schools, businesses, that there's a guy at another school with a gun.
No wait, he shot someone.
he's coming to our school
AND there are bomb threats.

Effing rumor mongers!

We had about half of our kids check out today, 80% at the other school. It was a zoo!
Nothing got done.

The Good News- all the dumb asses left before we had our field day. All the good kids were left, and we had a blast playing in the sun: egg toss, 3-legged race, balloon race, etc, etc.

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chouchope said...

thank you for posting this.
nothing says summer is coming like a cracker whistling contest. wish i could take you down in the first round, gurlfry. we'll miss you.