Monday, May 07, 2007

Going to Ocracoke

One of my all-time Favorite Albums Ever is The Joshua Tree. I spent many a night listening to those tunes. I can't really listen to U2 anymore, they seem to have lost my interest, too much...something.
I remember driving to Ocracoke Island the spring I was 18 with a a gay guy friend of mine. I tell you his preferences because he was really, really gay. He drove a Fiero much like this one, only blue.
We left Doraville in the late afternoon, I remember listening to Bono singing from the speakers behind my head. Late at night we drove, down a tree lined avenue, the only light from the headlights, then sitting on the cursed ferry, traveling backwards over a rough sea.
Well, rough seas to me.
I felt like I was going backward for the rest of the weekend.

This particular memory has an almost poignant quality to it. Walking on that windy beach, probably high, was one of the last times that guy and I were friends. He did something stupid, I got pissed off.

We used to part at a place called Weekends. We'd get there at 11 pm and leave about 9 the next morning. First time I ever got high on coke was there.

Anyway, I've been listening to the album again, and wanted to share...

oh yeah, it would be interesting to find the picture of me standing up against the cross (with my arms spread out) that was on the beach. It was on Easter Sunday. I'm pretty sure I burned it in shame.

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Erica said...

Funny, U2 (who I feel the same way as you about) seems like they'd be one of those bands what would appeal more to Yankees, such as myself, whereas my days as a synthetically-induced "luftmensch" (iffenyagetmydrift) were spent around a pool table, while listening to Marshall Tucker and Marty Robbins on the jukebox.