Monday, May 28, 2007

Whew! glad that's over

Last week was a ball buster. Too much to do and not enough time. The last week of school is bittersweet- kinda sad that I don't get to see some of these kids on a daily basis, but relieved that there are a few I never have to teach again.
Graduation was really nice- especially with the up close view I got! My camera screwed up, but other teachers got the pix, so we'll see them during post planning. I hadn't eaten much that day and by the time we were done I was running on fumes. Dinner was great! The wait staff that served us was impeccable! 15 people eating dinner at once, not an easy task, the lady who took care of us, (sorry didn't get her name) was AMAZING!
Poor Re-Pete went to bed Thursday with a 102 fever. Stayed home with Daddy on Friday. Then I realized at 3:30 that unless we found someone to watch her, she would be sitting on metal bleachers, in the sun, without me, for 2 hours, maybe 3. Not good. Finally at 4:15, my best pal M. said she'd come sit in the house for with her. I owe her BIG TIME.
The Boy loves his lap top and hasn't been away from it much. He's just glad to be done.

In 20 days he'll be leaving for boot camp. Sheesh.
oh, yeah, I forgot- today is mine and Rich's 19th wedding anniversary!

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