Sunday, June 10, 2007

I've been Visiting a River in Egypt

Ever been there?

So the light of my heart goes to boot camp in 8 very short days.
I was fine. Really I was.
Okay, I was a little envious- all the possibilities that have opened up for him. What excitement and adventure lies before him, I wonder? Will he love the challenge as much as I think he will?
Hoping the knocks he's about to receive aren't too tough on him. Hoping he learns with grace and hunger.
A little scared, too. He's a big boy and can take care of himself, but I'm nervous about those guns. Yeah, I know, better he learn in the Marines than elsewhere, right? Let's not even start about Iraq, or other peace missions, war, skirmish or whatever the right term is. It's not that I feel like we don't need guns, or soldiers, but, I have a well deserved fear of guns.

So I'm wondering:
How will I feel when I don't see him every day?? Hear his voice, hug him, touch his arm, laugh at something funny he said, listen to music with him, get his opinion on a new song or book or movie?


zonker said...

Not having been thru this as a parent, I dunno know what to say, really. Still, I met your son and it seems to me like you folks did a very fine job of raising him. He's going to need to go his own way sooner or later, right? At least you can say (with well-deserved pride) that you did your best to prepare him for life. Congrats on that, Holder.

I look forward to seeing you folks next weekend.

Anonymous said...

... he will do fine... and he will grow... and so will you........

all the best to you and your son, ma'am.....


Chickie Carmarthen said...

It's hard to say how you will feel but there are certainly worse things he could be doing for sure so I guess your solace will have to be in the fact that he is doing something very honorable of his own accord and that is to be admired. But it's hard when you're "mom". I know I would have a hard time, although I think it might be the thing for my eldest at the moment...

Dick said...

It'll be the absolute best time of his life.
Let him have his fun.
I know this for a fact.