Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Samantha Brown is bad for education

Hello, Dr. Doches here again. Greetings to all you underedumacated unschooled can't think on your own fellow traveler's out there. Saw a show on the Travel Channel. Samantha Brown is in Latin America showing us the sights. She shows us how by traveling just a few meters North or South of the Equatorial Line we see an Amazing Curiosity! I seem to remember it being on other television shows out there, but the 'Net seems to have cleansed itself of that hogwash. She says that if you allow water to run down a sink drain in the Southern Hemisphere it drains Clockwise, but it will flow Widdershins in the Northern Hemisphere. Due of course, to the Coriolis Effect.

Complete with video.

Bullshit, says the Doctor of Dookey Doches. The Coriolis effect is real, it shows how Earth's rotation effects things that move that are not necessarily connected to Earth (Air, bullets, etc) but they must either be really big (air masses) or really fast (bullets). Go here for a excellent visual

An object in motion tends to stay in motion, sayeth Newton.

People get fleeced every day at the Equator, I bet. Maybe I could get a job as a Carny in the summer time, whatcha think?

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Anonymous said...

.... I hope that you realize that I am having a hard time even pronouncing the "Coriolis effect".....