Monday, June 04, 2007

Say it to my Face

I hate chickenshit people that won't say a thing to me- but have no trouble going to others and talking about my "problems" and how I won't "give a thing up" and how it "happened to us too".
I got a few words for you:

Fuck off, I was fine when you weren't in my life, and I'll be fine if you go back out. Tell ya what, if you're so fucking chickenshit that you won't call my phone, or answer my emails, then at least have the balls to respond here. I tried to include you in my life, in an honest way. I tried to contact you, but you just lurk around my site. Don't like what I have to say, you say? Feel free to click away from my site. Go to or, or and see if someone cares.
Oh, and if the only time you'll say something to me is if you're drunk, be prepared to be laughed at. No one believes a drunk.

Say it to my face, or don't say it.


shoe said...

yeah, i'm lurking about. what can i say? you make me moist, baby

Chickie said...

I'm with Shoe...;)

zonker said...

Yeah, you make me moist, too.

Hey, wait a minute...

Erica said...

Oh, nasty. Youse are all a bunch of frickin' weirdo doodieheads. Moist, indeed. Blech.

And PS: Nobody outlurks me. NO. BOD. EE.

Right, shoe?

Holder said...

Hey- my own personal Voyeur Fan club... Now, where are the feathers and silk cords?
Erica- it's Moist in a Good Way.