Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where my heads explodes

So I was having a discussion with a very good friend of mine, filling her in on the extremely boring events of my life.

Wait, go get a beer, this is gonna be a long one.

So, where was I? Oh, yes. My friend. I was relaying a conversation that I'd had where I asked the following question:

"So what do you think About Pope Benedict saying the Catholic Church is the One True Church?"

I keep forgetting that I live 10 miles from hell, and it's filled with Baptists. Who think the Pope is the Devil Right Hand Man. Who think women should be subservient to men. And cannot have an intelligent conversation with it being I'm right/ you're wrong in 5 seconds flat.

Wait, my head is spinning around on my neck, and the word BULLSHIT keeps popping in my head like it's the 4th of July!

Oosa, Oosa. OK, I'm good.
It was interesting, especially when she said the Catholics were wrong for worshipping Mary. Whoa, I like Mary. She gets the beautiful blue dress, and my grandmother prayed to her. Don't mess with Mary. It was also kinda neat to see her lips disappear in a frown when I told her I thought that when we died, that was just it. And that Jesus was probably a real guy with great ideas at the right time, much like Martin Luther King.

So back to my true friend. She said I should have invited some of my pagan friends to the discussion. See, I used to belong to this group that got together a couple of times of year. Rest, recharge, eat great food, great tea. But then things got a little touchy, some people got a little crazy. Hell, some were just plain bat shit. One of the women suggested that there was a new race of humans who had DNA that no one had ever seen before and that it was different from every one else's. Aaaand, the Government was trying to cover it up.
For shizzle.
So, sayeth I, don't you think that if your government really wanted that covered up it would be? And if it wasn't and it was true, don't you think that every major, hospital, drug company, university, and tabloid would have their hands in it? We'd hear about it 24/7 for about 2 weeks. And where's the FUCKING SCIENCE?

So I'm relaying that conversation to my bright friend. Now, this woman has 2 college degrees, served in the Gulf War as a medic, worked the crash sites for several major airplane crashes, worked as a hematologist. And she can figure out how to make shit work, even if she has to create a part for it. Much like Og (whom I hold in very high respects, BTW).
Just so you know, the chick is smart!!!

and what, pray tell does she say about the new "species"?
Oh, you mean the Indigo Children.

FUUCK, there goes my head again.

So I Google Indigo Children and find


Basically, children who are high strung, a bit antisocial, prone to misbehaving, but since they are being raised by "New Age Parents" they are being touted as special, telekinetic, sensitive, mind readers, the new humans?
But I have a question

Educators say, this is crap, scientists would also like to see their science.

There are so many thing to say about this- but first go read the articles.
-ADHD is more prevalent. I don't know why, probably environmental, not genetic. Asberger's is very hard on the small child, but can lead to very fulfilling, highly organized and rewarding lives. But which would you rather hear, if you were raised in this instant gratification world, that your kid had a disorder or your kid is special and is here to save the world?
-I say Verily, Science (the search for knowledge) is about provable events, ideas, relationships. Without proof, I could say the Moon is made of Cheese, that I had made a Cold Fission machine, Aids is not rampant in African countries (what was that king's name?), our universe is geocentric, and, if Rael is to be believed, we can clone humans to reach perfection and then go back to the sky with the other extraterrestrials. (make sure to watch the video and send your donation to reserve your space on the ship.)

Holy hopping sheep shit, people. What has happened to the human race that we cannot think for
ourselves but will blindly believe the absurdity that shysters fling at us?


Chickie Carmarthen said...

I imagine she & I would have an interesting convo. ha ha ha... I grew up with BAPTISTS - I know how they think...


SuperGurl said...

whoa, i need to leave more comments. you have been changing stuff over here.

i used to think true had an indigo aura, but then i learned that he was just lighting his farts.

Holder said...

indigo farts, too funny!
I get so pissed of when people believe these snake oil shit shysters!