Saturday, September 22, 2007

And then she said....

I tell my students they shouold never be afraid of asking questions, it might mean the difference between understanding and not getting it. I don't let the other kids in class mock or tease each other when a student asks what is perceived to be a "dumb question"

For example....

We were talking about absolute zero, the theoretical point where all molecular motion stops.
-273 Celsius. That's cold.
As a point of reference I was telling them about the Antarctic and how cold it is there. One of the girls says "Have we been there?"

Sure, sez I. Lots of expeditions have been there, no land, but lots of ice, blada blada blada.

"Can we stand there?"


"Won't we....fall off?
"Will we feel upside down?"

::snorts from the rest of the class:: of which I stopped

"Do you feel like this?" I asked her.

::leaning over sideways with arms stretched out::

I have got to move to where there there are smarter kids.


supergurl said...

oh hells no, you just need to blog more of these stories. Miss Carolina is going to get a run for her money from Miss Podunk, GA.

KeesKennis said...

I once had to teach a bunch of degreed people the need for an international dateline.
I quit after 3 days and went bumming around to try and stay sane.

Green said...

Just wow.

Elisson said...

There are no stupid questions. Plenty of stupid questioners, though.