Sunday, September 02, 2007

psychic sidekick

Trying to move dirt with an underwear-clad 4 year old in her dress shoes is like having a psychic sidekick. She knows just where I'm just about plant that shovel and she gets there one second before me with her foot or hand. Then, when I'm trying to haul the 5 gallon bucket of dirt, she's gonna carry her 5 cup bucket right in front of me, at anti-warp speed. She had a ball, but I probably said ten times, Re-Pete please move over a little bit.
The pond is done, and beautiful, and the extra stuff found homes elsewhere in the yard.

I have the next spot picked out, too. I want another raised bed off to the side.

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supergurl said...

me too. i've finally had the time to blog and nothing on my mind to blog about.

i loved anti=warp speed, my little guy is famous for getting in front of me for slo mo antics.