Wednesday, September 05, 2007

So, every year, my students take a big test, mandated by our state. This test counts for 15% of their overall grade. We are very careful to cover everything on the test plus whatever else we manage to fit in. Then the next year we get to look at our data and see what's what. Compare our classes to others in the same school, county, and state. If too many fail, it's our heads.

State wise- 40% of the students passed the test. For me, it was an average of 70% passing. That's right. Almost double. My lowest class- 53%, my highest-80%. And I don't teach honors. Last year after results came in, I went student by student and checked their scores- compared that data to the student's grade in my class and attendance record. You can imagine the results.
The students that

  • showed up most,
  • who turned in their work, a
  • nd passed the tests are the one who passed.
  • Almost to a one, the students with poor work and attendance ethics are the ones who failed the test.

So now what do I have to do?
Yes, figure out where I failed. What I can do to make sure more of my students pass. Zeebus wept!

Now, why do I teach? I love science. I want to share my love of science. Simple.
I want my students to love science as much as I do. But, I'm realistic. And I'll settle for passing. I'll even bust my butt to show you an idea 10 different ways just so's you get it. But if a student won't even be bothered to participate, I've got 4 words.
See.You.Next. Year.
You sure will fail.
You will not graduate.
Stay Awake Next Time

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