Tuesday, October 02, 2007

All in a days work

One of the policies at our school is that we call the parent of any child with a failing grade before the report card comes out. Which is indeed a good idea.
They also want:
-Weekly teacher meetings per subject area and content area
-Intervention strategies implented and documented for students who are not passing
-plan for a least a week ahead with a new set of standards, that don't match the book or its resources
-Hold tutoring sessions
-Go to extracurricular activities
-eat lunch in the lunch room, not our classrooms,
-have 1-2 9week duty stations for 25-30 minutes daily
-mentor new teachers
-mentor 2-5 students
- and teach 55 minutes every day.
-grade papers
-post grades to the grading program

I think I'm gonna need two Geritols a day...

1 comment:

Erica said...

Girl, those are some CRAZY expectations. I'd recommend one of those pee-pee bags in case there's not time for a bathroom break during the day.