Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gravestones, Worms & Dirt, and Poison Control

Pete, my sweet girl, has seen her 1st decade gone, and moves into the tumultuous teenager years. It was a rocky road with our son, I can only imagine how it will be with my Drama Queen.
The party went well, with 10 kids and a few adults. It was manageable and I didn't feel like I'd pull all my hair out.
1st the kids got "tombstones" to paint their own silly epitaphs. I missed it, but the kids seemed to have a good time. Musical tombstones came and went, and Dracula teeth were given as prizes. One of the little boys, a 5 year old who I don't think can eat a meal without wearing part of it around his mouth, decided to eat his worms and dirt with his fangs still in his mouth. Yuck! Good thing my adorable husband was there to clean that nasty mess up.

Then, it got interesting when I got to call poison control. Pete got her inhaler and took 8 doses of Albuterol. Her heart was just racing. She then got to be still for the rest of the evening, with lots of whining and gnashing of teeth. We've had several conversations already about medicine.

I'm looking forward to her next decade, I tell ya.


supergurl said...

happy belated to pete. i need that slime recipe.

Anonymous said...

Slime recipe:
1 part corn starch
4 parts water, tinted with food coloring if you'd like.

Add the corn starch to most of the water gradually and stir stir stir. This is better outside, in the grass.

Mrs. Who said...

Now THAT'S a party when it involves a call to some kind of medical facility!