Wednesday, October 03, 2007

a lever of a different sort

We studying simple machines now and instead of doing the same ole "this is a shovel, it is a 3rd class lever" I decided to spice things up and tell them a story***:

"Imagine, if you will, that you have moved to Jersey (not New Jersey) and you get a job with your "family". Your uncle/capo asks you to have a chat with one of your competitors, out in the woods, with a buddy. So's the three (pronounced "tree") of youse are walking with shovels, as you do, when suddenly from behind a tree jumps a Zombie!"

Then I assume the proper Beat-the-Shit-Outta-da-Zombie pose

"But youse is ready" Wham!

"Now, what kinda lever was I usin'?"

Discussion ensues. One of students even improves my stance and posture so's in case I meet another of them Zombies.

Then I says:
"So your done with the Zombie. You take care of your competition, now youse gotta hide the evidence."

I start "digging a hole"

'What kinda lever I got now?" (You say that like your Paulie)

This is why I'm such a great teacher...

***With proper respect to Jimbo and Eric, of course


Richard said...

Don't forget to carry your shovel to Helen, dear.

Erica said...

Geez, those two still haven't left a comment here? One might consider pinging them with a shovel.

In any event, *I* thought it was funny.

Jimbo - PRS said...

Sounds like youse are ready for a ride downa shore for s sazeech, pepper and onion on da boardwalk. Don' worry -- anybody gives us any shit, I'll wach 'em, -- bada BING --onna head wit a friggin' tire iron. Shovels are for dem friggin' goobers.

Erica said...

*rolls eyes*

Oh joy...and just think, in less than six days, it'll be a whole weekend of Ohhhhhhhhh...Ayyyyyyyyy.


Anonymous said...

... bhwhahaaha.... sorry, I was out of town!...