Monday, November 19, 2007

Apple Tree Bags and sweet girls

The girls and I got busy making teacher gifts yesterday. We have 7. I usually go to Family Fun for ideas, since giving birth three times knocked all the creativity right out of me. Well, maybe there's a tiny bit left. So we are making Apple Tree bags. For Pete I free-handed the trunk of each tree from a template I found online. But for Re-Pete I drew her forearm and hand for the trunk. Great idea, right? Trust me, not my idea. Then we cut apple in crosswise for the leaves. Both girls were pretty happy when their "stars" showed up vividly. For the apples we cut them longways to get that good appley-heart shape. Even Daddy got in on it. Here are the results (she says with a little puff of her chest)

Pete's Bags. She let her little sister do the apples on the bottom right bag.

Re-Pete has her own ideas about how apple trees should look, and I think it's too cute. There are her little arms immortalized forever.

On another note, Pete has been pretty fantastic lately. Helping out without a fit, playing with her sister, even comforting her. I watch them play together and I see this bond of sisterhood, how close they are, it makes my heart rejoice. It makes me very thankful that I had Re-Pete. She was a surprise, and 5 years Pete's junior. But our son is 8 years older than Pete. So if I hadn't had my youngest, Pete would have been like an "only child". I guess you do get what you need.

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