Sunday, November 04, 2007


I was talking to my Marine last night, and it sure is fine to hear him, I tell you. His recruiter had a mild heart attack a little bit ago, and I talked to him right after he had gotten out of the hospital. The guy has no wife or family to take care of him, so I felt like I should do something for him. I'm going to make him some homemade chicken noodle soup with fresh veggies I think.
Anyway, the recruiter tells me Friday he's taking nitroglycerin tablets to keep everything regulated. WTF? A mild heart attack needs nitro pills? Get this- the man is 31, been in the Marines for 13 years. My son says he's a heavy drinker. He must PT like crazy then, because he's not fat, says I. My son says, Well, he's a effing Marine. Like that explains it. Are all Marines heavy drinkers that don't take care of themselves?

My son apologized to me for saying the "f" word. We've had conversations about his language. Just 6 months ago he was saying "damn" in front of me. When he 1st got out of boot camp, every other word was a curse word.
He's says "Mom, they are just verbs now". Heh. He still needs to watch his verbs around me.

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Catfish said...

Boys will be boys. Take time with him and explain to him about those nasty words. He will pick them back up soon enough.