Sunday, December 30, 2007

I do believe I'm getting better, a little better, all the time

Sometimes getting older is not all bad.

When I first started teaching I relied heavily on several teachers for several years. How do I do this-and-such? Where can I find a whatnot? There was so much I didn't know, I didn't even know I didn't know it. You know what I mean? Now, there are a few teachers coming to me looking for answers. It's nice to be able to give that back and help out the new guy.

I remember trying to fix things when I was in my 20s. I always seemed to make matters worse, nothing was ever easy to fix. I'd have to call my Dad, then I would still have to take an extra trip to the store for another part. Or someone would have to fix it for me. Or worse yet, one of us would end up in the emergency room for stitches or metal in an eye.

But in the past year I've fixed my dryer twice and my washing machine once, without injury. And without further fuck-up-ery.
Way to go!

Now, to work on those preventative maintenance and redecorating skills.


Mrs. Who said...

Ooo-oooh! You can come practice at my house. I wouldn't mind at all. How are you at cabinet doors? *grin*

Michelle said...

What is the Novelty theory?