Monday, December 10, 2007

Momma's don't LEt your Babies grow up to be eggheads

See that little sign on the right? The one about asplosions without awarnings.

Well, here's your warning.
Parents (and those of you that one day will be) please listen:

You are not doing your child any favors if you solve all his problems for him. I understand a helping hand, I do. You have experiences your child will definitely benefit from. But, if after 3 years your Darling Buddy still doesn't have enough credits to be called a freshman (that's 4 passing grades, BTW out of 24, for this kid), then you are not doing him any favors to get him extra chances to complete his work by asking the principal to put the kid in ISS (in school suspension) to complete all his work that he didn't do the 1ST 3 CRAPPING TIMES HIS TEACHER GAVE HIM THE CHANCE TO DO IT. Because, after three years he will suddenly decide to do all his work. Correctly. For me to grade. In one week. Because I have nothing else to do. And then the princ. says we should give it to him so we could tell the the mother we did everything we could for her child. Because holding him responsible for his own gottdamn actions has somehow been deemed not fucking good enough.

And in ten years the parent will still be supporting his sorry good-for-nothing-ass cause he won't keep a job, and just like Pavlov's dogs she's trained him to be a loser and he knows she'll keep taking care of him. And she'll blame every one but herself.
She needs to step back and say, "this is now your responsibility. When you begin to pass all of your classes, you may have TV, radio, Pillowcases, meat, music, soda, games, friends, heating and air conditioning, a door for his room, a computer, candy, hunting (fill in whatever he really likes here ), and a social life. If you are not progressing in you education when you are 18 then you will move out of my house and support yourself.
One of two things would happen. He would,

A. Begin to do his work and pass his classes, thereby having the good things that go along with responsible behavior,
B. He would drop out of school and get kicked out of his house.

But it would be his choice, his actions, his responsibility.

This is the type of crap that will make me quit teaching. When we stop holding kids accountable. Do you think it's like this everywhere?

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