Monday, January 07, 2008

One day last week I cleaned house for 5 hours straight- laundry, closets, sweep, mop, vacuum, up and down stairs. I was tired!
But today, after a full day of teaching, I am exhausted. So exhausted (since you asked) that I fell asleep after dinner.Haven't done that in awhile.

I was watching Anthony Bourdain. In Hong Kong.

He is awesome. I would love to throw a few/several drinks back with him. I'm pretty sure he could drink me under the table. I would definitely let him pick the restaurant we went to, and maybe pick my meal, as long as it was pork (his favorite).
Do you think it would creep you out to know that total strangers all over the world know small details of your life? I would not care to be a celebrity. Stinking rich, yes. Known by my looks world wide? Not so much. If you're a celebrity and you scratch your ass in public, some tabloid will print it, wondering if you have crotch rot. Thanks, but no thanks.
Time to sleep, I'm making more typos that typons, or whatever non-typos are called.
Sweet dreams


Michelle said...


oh my god, I just have to share this with you!
I took a crap that was soooooo big and came out sooooo fast that it created a partial vacuum in my lower intestine. Then the vacuum quickly snaked up through my small intestine into my stomach. I even heard the whirlpool that it created as what was left of the big glass of water I had drank spun through my duodenum. I heard it, I tell ya! You know how the kitchen sink sounds as water finishes draining? Like that, only squirshier. I went from fine to famished in about 5 seconds.
Sheesh! I feel better now. What a load... off my mind

Thanks for listening

running away before Michelle smacks me in the head

Mrs. Who said...

Gah!!! What kind of comment is that?
*leaves to go look for mental image bleach*

Holder said...

Mrs. Who, you have to go see Michelle's site, where I dropped a bomb on her.... It's A Different World in my sidebar