Thursday, February 21, 2008

One of my former students came for a visit the other day. As a senior she could do the whole "senior slacker" thing, but she's got a several serious classes, including an upper level science class. Well, my student, with Most Favored Status, is not happy in her class. Seems the teacher is not holding up her end of the bargain. She shows movies, and lets them sleep in it. One day, said teacher had a Powerpoint playing for them. She forgot to unhook her computer, set the kids to work on their worksheet. She sat down at her computer to work, and all the kids watched the big screen as she played solitaire! Now, I know teachers have bad days. Some days, I just have to have the music on in my room, Rock and Roll (of course), to not go crazy. Some days I just spend 10-15 minutes shooting the shit with them. I've even told them to quietly navel gaze while I metally get-my-shit-together. In a rated G kinda way. So I'm wondering, how often does this behavior happen? And more importantly, how did she get Solitaire on her computer? My won't let me load it!
Some People have all the luck.


KurtP said...

I thought all computers had Solitare and Free Cell embeded in the hard drive.

Holder said...

our computer geek has set up our hard drives to have admin priviledges and peon priviledges. I'm a peon.