Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another difference between men and women

I got out of work a little early today and decided to head to the gym early as well. So I'm trying a new routine on the elliptical, which is way cool, BTW.
I'm really moving, sweating, legs going, heart at it's top rate, music in my ears, when I start to smell something funny, like electrical tape burning. I look out the door, cuz I'm pretty close there, and see the owner talking to somebody at the back of his pickup.
I think, "Dang, what are they doing?" Meanwhile, the three other people in there (all guys) don't really notice anything, so I ignore it. Since I've quit smoking (3 1/2 years, baby!) my sense of smell is acute. I'm still ellipsing like a mad woman and the smell gets even stronger, so I look around.
The ceilings in this place are pretty high, 20 feet maybe. I see smoke at the top in the corner. So I gets my ass off the ellipsy and say out the door, "Hey, smoke over there"

And this is where we see the difference between the sexes.
I gather my stuff and head towards the door.
The owner comes in to investigate. As it should be. If it was my place, I'd want to investigate too, damn the smoke.
But those other guys? Guess what they did?
That's right, they followed him to check out the fire too.
Damn crazy people. I stood at the front door ready to call 911 if need be, but I'm not going towards the smoke.
As it turned out, all was well, a small fire in the back, but they put it out.

It also put an end to my workout, since the place very quickly filled up with smoke.
Ah, well, maybe tomorrow.

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