Sunday, March 23, 2008


Seems Pete's father has been telling her the the History of Easter, how before we had Easter we had Eostra, and she was celebrated with symbols of fertility- the egg and hare, how she represented the Coming of Spring.
Now, this was meant to be a history lesson, and not a dig or endorsement for any particular religion. Our children are free to decide on their own. As long as it is an informed decision.

Pete then shared her history lesson with a friend, who called her father a liar. That the holiday was just about Jesus and such. We told Pete that everyone had the right to their own opinion, and her friend could believe what she wanted.

Gotta love Christians like that, so open minded and informed. Heh.

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Mrs. Who said...

Gah!! I'm Christian, but I can't stand people like that. There's a group near where I live who have a 'Dinosaurland' park. Looks like a fun place for kids, until you get inside the museum and they have all these Bible verses on the wall, that 'prove' Noah had dinosaurs on the ark.

Uhh, okay. Kind of disproves then the Bible's measurement of the ark to be able to fit some of those dinos on there. Make up your minds, people.