Saturday, March 08, 2008

Resisitance is Futile

Supergurl was assimilated into our household last night. Both the girls, but especially Re-Pete, took her over. Pete was telling great stories and really animated. Re-Pete took up residence next to SG, then got closer and closer and closer until she was in her lap, head on chest, looking like an orphan. Damn, that girl can play a crowd. I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed.
But SG came and left so fast (it seemed really fast, anyway) that she actually spawned a tornado and we ended up in the basement for about twenty minutes.
No, really. The sirens went off and down in the basement we went.
Seems a tornado touched down a little north of us. Mostly rural areas, said I hope that meant only trees and such and not mainly poor people.

Cya, gotta go to the beach!


Erica said...

holy're hangin' with supergurl, and then a f**king tornado hits? said...

it was awesome

i must have the salad recipe, dinner was delicious. and those girls, my my, they need to come discover their roots in texas. say summertime?

the twister was after me, but i got away. should have known when we were hanging in the back yard enjoying the warmth, eh? signs, to bad i'm mostly blind.

i love your home, and your girls, and your critters. i had just jumped an hour when i crossed the state line, so my time continuum was all out of wack. it was way too short a visit tho. next time! thanks for the hospitality!

Holder said...

Glad your got your "Pecos Bill" on with the tornado. Re-Pete was asking about you. We'll try for summertime... Salad recipe coming in email.