Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Secret Lives of Others

I've been sucked into this book I got in December about scientists and their lives. I know, it took me long enough. But I just like knowing the story behind the story.

For instance, Kepler, the guy that figured out planetary motion (at least he was one of them), was so poor he made up horoscopes and predictions for the new year to make ends meet, even though he knew it was all a load of horse manure.

And, in turns out, that Sir Isaac Newton, whom I'd always had a lot of respect for, was a total bastard and stole several of his big ideas from Robert Hooke. I mean, I knew the whole apple thing wasn't true, but did he have to be a jerk to boot? But at least he gave us his 3 Laws of Motion. I haven't finished reading about him, so that may prove false as well.

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Bou said...

Oh if I recall... there were some very unsettling things about Newton.

Have you read Measuring the Universe by Kitty Ferguson? Excellent book.