Thursday, May 01, 2008


I had to go to the doctor the other afternoon, seems I've developed a case of the galloping cruds in my sinus passages. Antibiotics were called for, and since I'm still not Queen of the World, I have to go to the doctor for all my bacteria popping goodies instead of just getting the prescription called in.

My doctor works with her husband in the same building. He's OB/GYN she's a general practitioner. It's kinda fun to try and guess which door the people waiting in the chairs will get called from. You know- is she pregnant or sick? Oh, I bet she's just having a Pap today and so forth. Then the teenage couple walks in looking lost, and we know she's pregnant, right?
I'm a people watcher for sure, just can't help myself. I like knowing information about people, it makes them more real, I guess.

And no, I'm not a busy body, I'm just curious.

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