Saturday, June 14, 2008

If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?

That's from an old Bellamy Brothers song, quite catchy.
There's a guy at my gym that has the body of a Greek God, not as nice as Vin Diesel's', but what can you expect 19 miles from Hell? I have enjoyed watching him work out, a bit of eye-candy, makes the workout go a little better. So I'm working out today, Saturday. The doors are locked so you you need your card to get in. He forgot his today and motioned for me to let him in. So he walks in with a tight t-shirt on, all muscles and tats, plus a few piercings I could do without, but hey, I'm just looking anyways so it matters not. This guy has really wide shoulders and well developed and defined muscles, a narrow waist, and Wow... he looks good, 'kay? So I'm walking away, dripping sweat, to finish my workout, when he says, "Hey, Ms {Holder} don't you remember me?

Shit. Hell. Damn.

As soon as he smiled I did. I taught him him sophomore year.
I feel dirty, ewwwww. If I believed in Hell I might actually think I was going there.

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