Monday, July 07, 2008

Fourth of July

I just thought I liked fireworks. For the last many years, I've gone to see the local fireworks show, from a nice safe distance. I loved it. All the colors and designs.

But then I went to Panama City for Fourth of July weekend. Friday night, at barely dark, people up and down the beach , just your Average Joe's, started shooting fireworks. There were shows, I suppose, but you couldn't tell who was who. To the left and right of us people were setting them off, taking turns mostly. It was spectacular!

And the rock-ets red glare, the bombs bur-sting in air

The girls and I, plus a few more friends were on the beach when it started. I was a little freaked out, a few of them went off in the crowd, so we moved back. I took Re-Pete back to the room on the the 12th floor of the condo, while Pete stayed with friends and tried to dig to the bottom of the ocean via the tide line.
Folks, I had a bird's eye view! A lot of the explosions took place right in front of our balcony. For over 2 hours people set off a wide array of rockets- red and blue, sparkly, green, smiley faces, roman candles, and lots and lots of silver and gold. We marveled at the amount of money people had probably spent at the fireworks store. There was probably enough money blown up that night to pay off my car. But, man was it worth it!

I've decided that the beach is definitely the place to be on July Fourth. My friends thought it was too crowded, but I really liked it.

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