Friday, July 25, 2008

Mr. Snuffleupagus

Now, don't tell me you don't remember him- long, eye lashes, deep voice, best friend to Big Bird.

He was always my favorite. When I was a wee girl watching Sesame Street, the schtick was adults couldn't see Snuffy. So, of course, I'd call my mom in every time he was there, or try to get her to stop reading, but she always missed him.
Makes me smile to think of it now.
There is even a biography on him

We had an ABC video made by Sesame Street about reading. Big Bird put on this big production for Snuffy to show him that he could read, even if he was only 4. When they got to the letter H, there was a very Hairy Horse, named Harry, who mumbled, "I can't possibly talk with all this hair in my mouth" That still cracks me up. And the letter L song- "li-nol-e-um!"

Guess you had to be there.

I just saw a commercial on Nick Jr. for Monster Shoes. Man, am I glad we're almost past these types of shoes. Plus, $60 bucks for Elmo shoes? I think not.


Bou said...

I LOVED Mr. Snufflupagus! He was GREAT! The perfect friend for Big Bird, the eternal child. Sponge Bob reminds me of Big Bird... and not just the color.

Mrs. Who said...

I loved Snuffy! In fact, I have a video tape of Maria reading fairy tales to Snuffy and Big Bird that I show to my students when we do a unit on fairy tales. The kids think they're too big for SS, but they really enjoy it.