Friday, July 18, 2008

Scarring my children one trip to the zoo at a time

Took the girls to the zoo last week- lots of new babies. One tortoise (not turtle) was following another- very closely. Trying to climb up, so to speak. Grab a piece of turtle nookie.
Pete said- look Mom they're playing following the leader!
Heh, that's just foreplay.
I'm so going to hell...

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Bou said...

Oh oh! That reminds me of the time we were on a farm. The boys said, "Mom! Look, that horse is giving the other a piggy back ride!!!" Great.

We did see a tortoise doing it with another a few weeks ago. I was with Mr. T. He said, 'I so didn't need to see that..." I replied, "OH! I didn't even realize they did it that way!"