Monday, July 28, 2008

Why, Yes, I live in the sticks.

Why do you ask?


You know how you can buy different models of a car- low (basic), medium, and tricked out? And that some of the basic cars are really, um, basic? I saw a guy (complete with ball cap on backwards) driving a basic Neon. Now, I've has a Neon, and I'm not complaining about them, but he decided to trick it out himself. So he put fancy smancy wheels on it, and then he bolted (yes, bolted) a rear racing wing on the trunk lid. But he still had that dull red paint on it. Stylish, no?
Who knows, mayhaps it is a work in progress?

a sign for Dang Lake Mobile Home Park. Truth be told, I saw a sign for something with Fang Lake a bit down the road, so it could have been someone playing jokes, but it looked real as I drove by.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

Hey, if that Neon wasn't sporting a Maxwell House Coffee Can Muffler, it ain't shit.