Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plumb Stupid

The following is a recounting of events that took place at my work today, to the best of my collection:

I was busy teaching when a flash of Neon green caught my eye in the hallway. A man with hair to make any Rastafarian proud was strolling past my door in a bright green shirt. Which wasn't a reason for alarm since he had a tool belt on, and our building isn't quite finished. I went back to what this Tigger does best- Teach. A few moments laters I saw a few more guys traveling. Cool, a pack of glow-in-the-dark Rasta's. I can dig it, mon. To each his own, Mon. They seemed pretty laid back, but they might have been burning a few on the way to work, for all I know. I decide to keep an eye out for the little green men.

A bit later on in the morning two of them men come in and announce they are putting up mechanical pencils sharpeners. We all know a classroom is not complete 'till we get one of those babies. So one guy takes the block of wood that has two holes drilled in it and holds it to the wall to mark where he'll be drilling, Bzzz, Bzzz. Two seconds later, he knows where to drill into the concrete blocks for the concrete screws. He puts the wood down, picks up a heavier duty drill and proceeds to plant a few holes in my wall, Screee, Screee. So far, so good. At this point, two more glowing Rastafarians type dudes, Mon!, show up to watch the drilling action, so now there's 4 guys- one to work and three to watch. Maybe they worked for the government?
So he takes his wood lovingly into his hand..
....oh wait, wrong post....
and screws it the wood block into the wall. And then unceremoniously attaches the pencil sharpener to the block on the wall. The 4 men bob their heads in satisfaction, Mon, and move on to the next classroom.
Damn, they put the bloody thing on crooked. But who gives a poo, right? They could have lined the wood up to the top of the cinder block, but I guess they missed that part in Mechanical Pencil Sharpener Installation I. No sweat, I thinks to myself.
A bit later another teacher tells me they have installed the same setup in her room, following the same steps, including the crooked part.
Except she says, "Hey, you put it on crooked. " Yeah, she's a bit Anal like that.
To which our Intrepid Green Mon replies, " I know. They're all like that. I don't understand why."
That must have been some good weed.

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Joan of Argghh! said...

I need to start smoking weed, I guess, so I can get such a job. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I have something fun for you over at my place!