Monday, August 25, 2008

My Heart Breaks....

Take a look at this little Angel:

and now at this little Angel.

The rate at which we are losing touch with our humanity is reaching warp speed. I look at sweet little Caylee and all I can see in my darling Re-Pete. I feel a deep hopelessness when I think about that Crazy Bitch of a woman. I want to hurt hurt hurt her for not being the Mother she should have been.
Doesn't she know how much that little girl loved her? How much she depended on her for every thing? How she lived to make her mother smile? Why hasn't she pulled her hair out by the handfuls every time she remembers little Caylee's laughter? Or tear herself to shreds with a razor every time she remembers her baby's smell? How on Earth does her heart continue to beat knowing her child is hurt/suffering/dead because of her actions?
My head knows that people like her exist. My heart and my soul, the place where the love for my children burns brightly is enraged and screams for her blood!

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Mrs. Who said...

Oh my God how that resemblance must really strike close to home for you!

And I heard today that documents revealed that the mother wanted to give Caylee up for adoption but the grandmother wouldn't let her...some loving couple could have been holding Caylee tonight...